Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two lil' Buddies
Here we have our little guys, Kingston & Tae. The other day we had Tae over so his hot mama could get her hair done. It was fun to finally get another snap shot of these little buddies together. We took their picture when they were just weeks old (Tae is a week older than Kings) so they are doing so much of the same things, it makes it pretty fun watching them both together. Tae however is a busy little body already rolling over. Kingston attempts it a bit, but chooses to chill. He is our little chill guy! I don't mind it one bit as I already have my hands full with Londs. Whew, busy times!


Nick, Rebecca & Owen said...

What cute little guys! That is so fun for Kingston to have a buddy so close to his age!

m&nlueckblog said...

Look at the handsome kingston. wow he is growing so fast. I like the blanket :)
Cant wait to see you all. not long now.
love you mom

keli b said...

so cute marsha!!! Our little boys are growing so fast!!