Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 YEARS AGO.......
This is just a quick shout out as I could make this post go on & on & on.......
The story of our little princess begun 3 years ago today!
Our first born, our little girl arrived 7lbs 4 oz
London Olivia Lueck

Words will never describe the feelings we had on your arrival! Love, love, love filled our hearts and our lives have never been the same since!
Dad held you first. He was with you ever minute after you arrived, down the halls of the Hospital, in the nursery and back to me where I held you for the first time.

There was no greater peace knowing you had arrived healthy and well.
The first moments we shared with you brought great emotions and humility to our hearts.

Everything about you was perfect! I remember your brown hair, amazing big eyes, full lips and how your sweetness filled the room. We stared at you for hours in amazement.

You continued to grow so fast and amaze us in your interests,

as well as your brilliant, silly personality!

The girlie, girl with the BIGGEST sweet tooth!

Our little cheesy, cheese!
There has always been a special friendship between us that I hope lasts forever. You always tell both Dad & I that we are your best friend! You are an incredible friend to everyone around you. You are our social butterfly!

My BIG helper, always wanting to stay busy!

Daddy's little girl!

You always seem to find the best in everything even on a rainy day!

You have become the most amazing big sister to your brother!
I love to watch the special bond you two have and how Kingston watches every movement you make , smiles at all you say and giggles with excitement when you walk into the room.
We love you so much!

So grown up! Everyday she tells me that she doesn't want to ever grow up, she wants to stay little. Sometimes I wish this myself as I adore and love my little girl just as she is.
I so look forward to many more wonderful years ahead in watching her grow and blossom into a unique and special individual I know she will be.

Happy 3rd Birthday Buttons!

London loves to read books!
This was yesterday while visiting my Mom for Thanksgiving.
Celebrating her Birthday weekend!

We love every bit of you! Thanks for 3 awesome years making us laugh and grow with you.


Kelly O. said...

I didn't know her middle name was Olivia!! We're twinners now! I love the pictures!

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

Happy Birthday
I can't believe you are already 3. It was so fun to be with all of your family this summer and get to know my grandaughter better. she is special theres no doubt about it.
love you gramma

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Oh Marsh! Your kids are so PRESH! Happy Birthday to little London and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! And...would you mind sending your address?

Elliot said...

I won't ever be able to say enough how precious I feel your family is! We sure miss seeing you guys.

I really enjoyed the post.