Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's been one of those days........

Miss London tuckered out on me at the table tonight.
She was so hungry returning home from our Ward Thanksgiving/Christmas party ?????
You ask how?
( because she only ate a few pieces of turkey and was off having fun, she never really even ate, unless you consider candy canes and orange's filling food),
so I made her a quick bowl of noodles to munch on before hitting the hay.
I don't think she even had a bite, she was out!
This is what happens around 5:30 pm when she doesn't get a nap in during the day. She didn't even get a chance to crash on me mid evening because we had been busy prepping for photos for the ward party, making food for the party, running errands and just goofing off!
Who has time to rest?

Goofing off while setting up for photos.

I love my handsome man!!!
He is officially rolling over and ready to be on the GO!
He prefers to stand all day and sit, sit, sit to play.
He is always trying to jump out of my lap to chase after Londs. If you hold his little hands he will cruise around the room with his little chubby legs & feet moving quick! He is a crack up!
Mr Happy,Smiley Man!

My little Sweetness!
Wow has this busy ball of energy sprouted!
She is miss overly helpful, a great helper just a bit ambitious.
I never would have imagined I would be so challenged with a very intelligent, witty, charming little person. She keeps us busy (sigh), but really it's more like we need to keep her busy or she gets bored and gets a bit naughty. I think it's the age or else I keep convincing myself it is.
One moment I am adoring her and she is the perfect angel, the next she is tearing our house apart, playing way too rough with Kingston and I am above my chin frustrated with her.
Why the emotional roller coaster rides?
I want my consistent little sweetness back.
All in all she is miss independent and that is that!
Bazaar, but a super fashion diva here, a bit like the Fancy Nancy smanshie stuff. Over the top!
There are so many stories to share about my silly girl, but where to start?
Put aside all of the challenges and all are experiencing with her, she is the most super duper girl ever! We are so blessed to have her in our family, she completes us and I love, love and adore her to pieces. My conclusion... It's my test of patience, humility, unfaltering love, keeping an open mind and looking outside the box! Lets hope I pass the test someday:) LOL
Just look at this package of amazement!


Erin. said...

Welcome to the wonderful rollercoaster ride of raising girls! I have three and can attest that it is a challenge some days! Your kids are beautiful. Can't wait to see you this weekend. Have a good Turkey Day.

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

kids are wonderful and even nicer when they are sleeeping haha.. they are a challenge,as they grow but whats great you also grow and figure out ways to handle them, thank goodnes... sometimes it is easier to give up some things for this season of life or you make yourself and crazy...

Amy said...

What cute pictures! Yeah, you can tell Londs is full of life and Kingston is a little stud. You are doing a great job raising them Marsh. No worries.

Rustin, Erin and Morgan said...

Maybe I'm horrible, but it's always reassuring to me to hear that other mom's have challenges with their sweet kids, too! Helps me stop wondering..."WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???" It probably is the age, which is what I keep telling myself about Morgan, too!!