Sunday, November 09, 2008

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted, and Halloween was last month, my oh! my!
Here we have our little Peter Pan & Tinkerbell!
Don't they make quite the pair. I couldn't bring myself to buy costumes this year, so I made them! London already had the wings, I just made a few additions and changes. For her dress we found it for a couple of bucks and I added sleeves, decor and sized it down for her little petite frame. Peter Pan's costume was created from a picture... I have to say it was so fun creating and making something from nothing! I heart homemade costumes, they Rock!!!
The original plan was our Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy(Me)& Captain Hook (Robs), but I didn't make enough time to make our costumes. I have had alot on our plate with projects never ending and yadada yadda yadda! So Happy Halloween from us!


Mom & Dad Lueck said...

I love the pictures, these cute little grandkids of mine are adorable. very nice picture taking marsh.
I have been waiting, and it was worth the wait. love you

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

SO CUTE! I am glad you are back!! CUTE PICS!!!

Kelly O. said...

Can I sound like a Utah Mormon for just a second and say, "Oh fer cute!" There. I'm done.

Ashley Blanchard said...

I swear Robbie is always writing "lueck" on something....i love the photos....i cant believe you made them!! your are so awesome! Super Mom for sure

April said...

*Snaps* to you for those costumes. That's awesome. Darling pix.

keli b said...

yeah finally I wanted to see those costumes. Good job by the way. Talk to soon

ali said... made those? I looked at the pictures before reading your post and was thinking, "where did she find such cute costumes?"

I am putting in my order for next year!

the bangs said...

Cute kids & costumes!! I wish i could sew and have an imagination to do that. Love her green shoes!! So cute. Can't wait to see you guys soon! Love you