Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crazy about Valentines

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So... the truth be known, I have not always been CRAZY about Valentines Day....
I always thought it was a cheesy holiday to celebrate, a bit overrated!

With Kid's all things are viewed in a different way!
London & I have had so much fun making her little Valentines for her classmates, goodies galore and decorating our home.

It helps that she gets so giddy and excited over the simplicity of celebrating any holiday.
A glimpse at our week:

Miss London gave out her FIRST Valentines to friends!

She worked hard on making them and signing her name!

Kingston is growing soo fast and on the G-O!

This boy has no fear!

Valentine messages on the sidewalk.....

Kingston's FIRST Popsicle!
It has been a fun and full week!
Wishing you all a Superlicious,
Love a-duba DAy! (wink, wink)


Summer said...

Sooo fun! You are always doing the nicest and cutest things! I love your craftiness talent! I can't believe Kingston is 8 months - wow! What a cutie too!

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

WOW! I cant believe these cute grandkids of mine. They have grown so much lately.
Look at KIngston, is he really riding by him self?
I cant wait to see London signing her name. sometime soon. love gramma

colin and brooke thompson said...

Thanks for the congrats! the pic. of Kingston on the car is awesome! What a handsome boy!
Have a quick question... what's your moms bed and breakfast called? Chris-colin's client has some homes in mendocino and he was curious. Such a pretty place!