Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kingston's Birthday Party!!
We had a great celebration with close family & friends this past weekend to celebrate our little man's 1st Birthday!
It is crazy that a year has already past by so quickly...
Kingston loves, loves his balls & basketball!
Dad couldn't resist gifting him his first basketball hoop, an ohh & ahww!

Click picture to see larger

We celebrated with a jungle theme since he is our little Animal...
I attempted a whimsical jungle cupcake cake,
it was a hit with all the kids!
To our little Man once more, Happy Birthday Kingston!!!!!


ali said...

yes please on one of those cupcakes! Happy b-day to your little man! I need to call you back, huh?!?!

Megs said...

That cake is really cute! Great job. Happy first to your little man!

Shannon said...

The candles on the cupcakes were way clever. I wish I would do stuff like that but oh well. At least I get to look at the way cool stuff my friends do. I looked @ your photo blog & you take great pics. Fun to see.