Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are BAck!!!!!

Hello Blogger World!!!!

It has sadly been almost 2 months from my last post!! Ahhhhh!
It is seriously amazing how ones home & life can become so busy!

The month of March brought lots & lots of visitors to our home & Las Vegas!


We loved every bit of it, but really!
Every week and weekend we were blessed to see so many of our loved ones.... family & friends!


For a quick update and proposal:

First the Family update:

Our Little guy... Kingston is full on walking and cruising everywhere.. can I say BUSY?!?!

He says ball, book and makes the cutest little car noises along with snake and dogie barks.. I love this stage.

Oh! and he Chants R-E-B-E-L-S with the arm movements, Ha!

I can just Eat him up!

He is turning ONE this next week... are you kidding me? Yeah! Wow Time flies when your having fun!!!!! And we are!!!

Our little Princess... London is ever so changing and such a mamas girl!

She is now in Sunbeams and comes home from church singing a full on new song and telling the best stories she learned in class.
She has the most amazing imagination and has me playing some kind of play character EVERY day... most of the time I am the wicked witch, stepsister or evil Queen.
I am yet to have my place as the Princess, it is just not going to happen in her story.
London really keeps us busy with questions and talking our ears off...
She helps me see what is important and loves me no matter if I am having one of those days, she is constantly telling me that she loves me and wrapping her arms around my neck.
I love my little cuddle bug!

Robbie, is busy, busy busy working & providing for our little family! He seriously is the hardest worker I know... sooo when we get to spend time with him we are thrilled!!!

We love our Daddy!

Me, myself & I, where do I start? In a nut shell... I have been teaching classes,
being a mom to two busy bugs ,working with the YW (the youth),
training for my triathlon ( less than 4 weeks away),
building my photography Co. (Photography by Marsha Ann) which has been successful thanks to many of you who spread the word;)

All in all Life has just kept the Lueck home busy and fruitful, ahhhh (deep breath)!
Keep posted though we are not finished blogging,
just refreshed and gearing for the upcoming months!

Soooo.... My Proposal,

To all you Utah Peeps.. I am coming up to Salt Lake/ Provo Area and offering a few Photo sessions!

I have had several individuals ask when & if I would be coming to you, & I am!:)

This would be in the next 2 weeks, however I need to see how many are ready for spring pictures to make my travel and session dates. I will be offering 5 sessions, only 4 are available so leave me a comment or call me!

I am open for Newborns,
Family and even Senior Pics.


Ashley Blanchard said...

Can layla be one of the sessions?! possible a family photo too??

Amy said...

I wish you were coming to cali to do my maternity and newborn pics. It's good to finally see an update. thanks. Miss you and love you, you busy girl you.

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

I glad you can go. I hope you can get your sessions filled. I love your pics. You have a talent and soon people will know, I really like the pics of Mark and I thanks we miss you all so much. love gramma.

Brenna and Chris Thomas said...

Marsha! I would be interested in some newborn pics for our little sweet Halle! LEt me know dates when you will be coming up here so we can set it up...also, will you let me know cost? Thanks!

Elliot said...

Hi Marsha and Robbie and kids!

First, Look at the blue eyes your kids have! They're amazing! I can't believe what a young girl London is becoming, can't wait to see you guys again in person.

We are so excited that you're coming to Utah and hope we don't miss the chance to see you. Sign us up for a session! Also, maybe you'll have a little time Marsha that we could discuss your website that Robbie mentioned to me.

Lots of love,
The Huntingtons