Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nor Cal and more.....
No joke! I have so many post it is making my head spin!
This is just a quick glance of what my trip consisted ..PICTURES!
Most of my pictures are on my lap top,
so once I find some time to transfer them all, there will be a post!
Until then........
you can see my cute niece,
whom made my trip soo worth while (all my nieces & nephew)
a bit of Mendocino,
a photographers dream.
and a tid bit of
Lincoln High School Peeps!

_-8 Belle McNicol.....
Graduated from 8th grade & is onto High School.
You Go girl!

Beautiful buildings in Mendocino, with scrumptious character and mouth drooling views!

_-24 Random artsy stuff every which direction......

Lickity splits..
Bringing back the Zebra Pride!
Thanks you all, for making me laugh so hard and taking me back to younger days!!!


Mom & Dad Lueck said...

Hey I love the picture of you Marsh! HOpe your having fun at camp you deserve a break.

ali said...

cute pics marsha! you look fit and fabulous!