Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovin Yellow Boots!

Kingston woke up from his afternoon nap, pleading to put on his little yellow galoshes.... how could I resist a little man in a diaper and yellow boots.. BRING IT ON!

He was LOVIN his yellow boots!! He wore them all through dinner and when it was time to go outside... well his yellow boots went too!

A few of Kingston's Expressions..............

Kingston has become such an independent seeker. He has a little temper that flames quite often and usually with a screech that sends you to your funny bone kind of feeling.. totally annoying! We call him the destroyer (London & I) He is constantly into everything, climbing onto everything and making a mess of everything. He loves balls, making baskets with his hoop ( really, he makes awesome baskets!) and even putts a golf ball pretty darn good for a 15 month old.(if you call it putting.. we have video I should post) He has good eye coordination and athletic abilities. Not only does he like to play hard, he loves to sing, dance and read with Lond's and I, however he can only sit still for about 1 min. than he is up and down and into everything again. He loves taking rides on the scooter, in the wagon and totally loves to play with swords.. he is a true boy!

Kingston on the other hand is the sweetest little guy. He will spread the love of kisses to almost anyone, especially to London. She doesn't always appreciate the slobber that comes with the kiss. Kingston is our tickle monster and will try tickling you randomly. He is a character and a silly one at that! He does becomes bashful at times and hides his head & face into me when he meets new people.
Kingston takes my breath away with his silly smile and his adoring love for me.. he is a mamas boy! YEAH! I love my little prince..

Happy 15 months Dude!
Did I mention bubbles.. oh yeah, he goes crazy over bubbles!


Kelly O. said...

He is absolutely GORGEOUS! He's gonna be quite the hunk someday!!

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

Hi Marsh
Wow, what a cute grandson Ihave. He has changed so much recentyl. he is just a little man now. not so much baby. I love the pics great job. Nancy

Megs said...

Hey there...he is so cute! Babes in boots...its a darling sight. I can't remember if I emailed you our new blog address...if not, its: mcw2cannon.blogspot