Saturday, August 15, 2009


It has been several months since we started this little Project with our cabinets.

(Little is an understatement)
I wish I would have taken a picture of the cabinets before... I think we just got to excited to get working on them we didn't even think about it... duhh!

The last few weekends I have been priming my guts out,

and Robbie's job has been caulking these ridged old cabinets.

We keep asking ourselves why , why did we started this!

Well, we cant turn back now and we must, must, bust these babies out!

We've decide to paint the cabinets white, this is just the first phase..
we still have to paint and add hardware to the doors & drawers.

Hello Hyberspace... take a look into my cabinets and my messy kitchen!

We actually have many projects up our sleeves, or should I say my sleeve?!

I now want to paint our stools and hutch an antuiqe blue,

popping some color around our home!

and then... the Piano.... ohh

We have the piano that came from Robbie's home growing up.

It needs some TLC and we have just the idea for it!!


While..... I was in the works on the Kitchen,

my little destroyer found the last roll of TP......and more!

Yeah! I was a little upset..

only for the fact that I needed to REALLY use the toilet and it was dripping wet with nothing to use... YUCK.. and I had to empty the TP glob out before I could use it!

(plus I had to take time to get a picture)

Have you sat on a wet toilet lately?

Actually, I thought it was hilarious!


the bangs said...

they look great! Can't wait to come see them in person! i don't know when were coming but i hope soon! love you guys

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

I like it, i cant wait to see it all done.
that little stinker. He is so cute. I am looking for a pic of rob he reminds me of at that age. love you

ali said...

oh yay! we never look back about painting our cabinets white. they were dark maple before and everyone said we were crazy. we love them! you go girl!

Megan said...

The cabinets look great!! I can hardly wait for the days with the Tp and toilet with Luke.

Megs said...

Ok, so we are totally doing the SAME thing with our cabinets!!! And holy cow it is SUCH an event! (we started like 2-3 months ago...argh) I thought it'd be a 'simple' weekend project...ha-ha-HA! They look great, can't wait to see the final shabang!