Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Is still on my mind,

I get excited when I hear the song

"I gotta a Felling", by Black Eye Peas

I feel sick when I think of GOO!

I wish I was still running everyday.... it's been several weeks!

I laugh and smile to myself

as I think of the amazing

team we had.

I frown at the reality that our team will never be a team again!

More than anything.....

I can look at pictures and video to re-live the awesome memories made!

HERE you go girls,

a few random un viewed photos from

my Ragnar file!

I will post the rest on FB, shutterfly as soon as this semester is over!


HeatherM said...

OH I hear you! I miss it too. I want to do another one, but I first need to have baby, so how about 2011. Sounds way too far away. I haven't ran since early Nov. It is killing me. The high today in Denver is 18! Good luck with school, I think it's awsome that you are doing it. I haven't got up the guts, yet.

ali said...

love them all. thanks marsha for finding a moment in your crazy, busy schedule!

ali said...

ps...i think that photo of amy is gorgeous!

Amy said...

I always have Ragnar on the brain too. I just got a team together for the Wasatch Back on in June. I can't wait!

Love your pictures!

Oh, and by the way, during my workout this morning, the first song on my ipod was "I Got a Feeling". EVERY time I hear it, I think of my peeps in van 2. I'll never get sick of it!