Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a strange feeling....
It has been ages since I have posted and it feels foreign,
One to be doing something other than school &
Two, being on my blog, blogging (What a miracle this is!)
We are doing great!
(Just in case you were wondering)
Well, since we didn't get much up for the Holiday season (Thanksgiving & Christmas)
I thought Valentines day would be a great start to get this year rolling!

London loves to play Tea Party

sooo... for the past several months

I have been searching, finding, buying and cleaning up items

to make a tea party a reality for our little girl.

It was a success.......

Whew! (whipping my brow)

a lot of work, but so fun!

Here are a few highlights.......


London invited a few friends from her church class and Pre-school...

And of course, Grandma Lueck!

We learned princess manners, made candy necklaces and played Candyland


Pink Lemonade
Strawberries with Whip Cream
Mini sandwiches
Carrots (veggies of course)

Candy, and lots of candy...

a sugar fest!

Silly Faces


keli b said...

super cute Marsha!!

Kate said...

Darling Marsha! You're such an awesome mama!

Megan said...

What a great idea!! Everything turnded out so cute, looks like they all had a ton of fun!! I love all your decorations, you are amazing!!

pendant lighting said...

So cute!

ali said...

get out of town! How cute is this party and how cute are girls? I love having a girl. I just finished a party for lucy and it is A LOT of work, but always worth it!

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Elliot said...

Love the pictures and the post.