Tuesday, March 29, 2011


First Soccer practice:

London has ventured into Soccer this season, and she loves it!

Recently she told her aunties and grandma that she runs fast like a "super hero".

I just have to chuckle, because she is experiencing a whole new game, a whole new adventure!

If you know my London she is very girly, but loves to play hard with the boys.

I decided to put her on an all girls team for that very reason..... a distraction of BOYS.

The first practice went well, although we caught her picking up the ball with her hands and running it to a spot where she would drop it and then kick it, but she did great.

It is fun to see these little people try new things, can I say it is slightly entertaining?!

London's first game is this Saturday and after several practices all the girls are getting the hang of soccer! It helps that they have a great coach!

We are looking forward to grabbing our lawn chairs, snacks and hanging out at the soccer fields on Saturday afternoons..YAY!


Set into action.... TOUNGE and all.......:)


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