Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Lit'l Artist....

Londs LOVES to color and make what we call Art! Here she is sitting in her chair, relaxed and scribbling away. She cracks us up! She will cross her feet and chat,chat away or sing pretty songs. We have a real funny one on our hands!
Lately she has afew new tricks; She will lift her left leg
up in the air as if she is doing a karate kick, but she brings it up so dainty like and curls & points her toes. I watched her do this several times without her noticing. I thought maybe it was because I painted her toenails and she was lifting her foot up to see her beautiful paint job. We soon found out it was a new trick and she will do it for anyone, then she tips her head back and cracks up laughing.
We also have a crazy on the beat dancer.I need to get her dancing on video.... she is a wild dancer and even gets her head going with the beat. We love to get groovy together! We have so much fun!!! I love this time... she is so fun and keeps us laughing daily!

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The Adams Family said...

Oh, that's so cute.