Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Robbie's early surprise for Valentines Day!

I usually don't gloat about my possesions, but this is one time I will show off what a wonderful husband I have. Plus several of you have asked to see it! Robbie came home from school the other night abit early and surprised me with this ring. He couldn't wait until Valentines day to give it to me. He tends to get excited about the gift and wants to give it away in the moment. (That is how our engagement happened!) He was so sweet with the words and gratitude he expressed it brought me to tears. It was very much a sweet experience!!!
We have had the diamond for awhile... that is another long story,( some of you may already know our diamond story). Anyhow, neither of us are big fans of the pear shape diamond so we didn't know what to do with it. We talked about making a pendent or putting it in a new setting to preserve the investment. Robbie is very creative and thought up this particular setting. I love it! It is very different and so useful as I wear it as a sports band when teaching my classes or working out. I have to admit; it is a big diamond for a sports band, but simple and fun!
(Diamond weighs 0.95 carats of I color SI1 Clarity)


Anonymous said...

thats cool. it think it is pretty and unique. awesome!!! kelli

The Adams Family said...

AWESOME Marsh!!! I love it you guys. It is such a creative idea. I think it's so special.