Sunday, January 20, 2008

London's BB Shades
London loves to accessorize these days......a few days ago we were at Build a Bear buying more clothes for her London Bear( she was gifted when she was born) and Mackie her adorable girlie turtle she got over Christmas. If any of you have been to a Build a Bear store you will know that there is a LARGE range of clothing, accessories, ad shoes to purchase for your lovable stuffed animal. London's head was spinning!! She found clothes, purses, and these glasses. Were they meant to be worn by her stuffed friends... of course not! They were for her! She tried getting two purses, one for her & one for her bear. They have adorable stuff and they happen to be just London's size ( she is such a petite little thing) These are her new found glories, she wears them at night, inside and just whenever she feels like wearing them! The things we love!

Saturday morning while we were cleaning she was playing dress up in her princess shoes and whatever else she would pull out of her drawers changing several times... I think she finally picked this shirt to sport with her little puppy trailing behind. Does she look high maintenance or what?!


Kristin said...

She does look like the typical high maintenance girl, but so adorable. I love the pictures you take that you already know they are going to be great high school or wedding slide show material. I would say this will be a great one.

keli b said...

I love this picture!! I was sad you couldn't make it over the other night. We need together soon.