Saturday, January 12, 2008


Here is just a few momments of our snowman fun....

As I was tucking London into bed the other night I asked her if there was anything she wanted to do the next day?! Her reply kind of took me off guard, as I thought she would suggest playing outside, visit the Temple, go to Target (her favorite store) or visit a buddy of hers... no it was "lets have a snowman party!". I thought that was a cleaver activity!!! I love parties, and since we still have dad off of school it would be the best party ever! I told her I would talk to dad and we would work something out.
We planned on going this Saturday, but as Friday morning came, plans with a play date and such were cancelled at the last min. Soooooo what better day to go to the snow and have that snowman party?!
We packed a lunch and snacks, threw on our warm clothes and headed up to Lee Canyon nestled in MT Charleston, a good 45 min - 1hour drive. It was refreshing to be up in the snow where the Christmas trees live (as London would describe the view). The air was fresh, the sun shining and the weather air as crisp as the days I remember when I was on the slopes teaching! They have a little Ski Resort tucked in the mountains with a quaint atmosphere a lot like Sundance ski resort in Utah, but a bit smaller. Robbie and I had such a blast reminiscing on the good ole days when we were young, and of course watching our little pumkin play in the snow.
We couldn't have asked for a better snow park to have a snowman party. It was just our luck, there were several snowmen already built, so we only had to build one of our own. London was thrilled with the different sizes of snowmen and named each of them as we visited each one. She has quite the imagination and creativity for such a young mind.
Our snowman party consisted of snowman building, snow angel making and sledding! It was the perfect adventure for all of us... here are a few of our moments, we will have some video to post of Londs sledding by herself coming soon!

Our cool Mohawk snowboy! London wanted a beard, but we made him young with a little underlip scruff.

Snow Angels.........................................................................................................................

Kissing snowboy!

A snowman London made friends with as soon as we got to the party. She is shaking her hand saying her new saying..... "It's nice to meet you, I'm London"

Dad and Londs sipping on some hot cocoa and eating snacks..............yuuummmm!


Kelly O. Cardon said...

Hey Marsha! I have a question for you: Do you like living in Las Vegas? I am currently applying to grad schools and there's a program I'd like to do but I wouldn't be recognized as a counselor in Nevada and Las Vegas was on our list of places we might like to live. Just wondering if you've enjoyed your stay there. You can email me at Love ya!

Summer said...

That looks so fun! I love the "hair" on the snowman. My favorite picture is of Robbie and London drinking hot cocoa in the back of the car!

Kristin said...

A Snowman Party! I love that. I love how kids remind us that the most important thing to do that day was to have fun, be together, and build snowmen. I hope we never miss opportunities like these with our kids by putting less important things first.