Friday, January 25, 2008

My sugars work of art!!
For those of you who know Robbie and the amazing creative, handy and cleaver boy he is would not be surprised by anything he comes up with or creates! This is just a small glimpse of his creative work, a final project from his sculpture class last semester. He had to make a list of words in which his teacher picked the word that would then be his final project, which had to be some sort of sign. Cake was his word for the final. What a cleaver way to make it work...... He designed it all and then made his art! He just sold it to a cake shop down the street for some good money!!! That's my boy!
That is one thing I love and appreciate about Robbie, he is so darn creative! He always seems to out do my ideas and I thought I was pretty creative. Oh! No! not anymore..but we work our ideas out together and make amazing things happen! I love how handy he is and all he does for our family! Go sugar go!


Amy, Jared and Tavin said...

How clever. Robbie is a creative guy. You both are so handy and make some fun stuff. It was good talking to you Marsh. hope you have a good week. xoxo

Janelle said...

That is so cute! Way to go Robbie!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool Rob!! You did an awesome job as always. Love ya


Ash & Aust said...

That is awesome!!!!

Love it!! It is all 50's and Cute and such a fun sign!!

CChristianmomma said...

That's RAD! Need i say more!