Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 2 Months

Kingston is 2 months todate! In many ways I cannot believe how fast time has flown, in other ways it seems like yesterday I was still huge waiting for his arrival! I can't imagine life without him in our family. Although it has been a slight adjustment with two needy people, I wouldn't trade anything for the moments I have with my bugs,(even though a few hours alone would be nice once in a while.) I am grateful that Kingston is such an easy going baby, it makes everything that much enjoyable!

We love each little milestone, Kingston is such a happy boy and is always smiling his BIG smile! These last couple of weeks he has been cooing up a storm. I was hoping to grab it all in one video, but with all my luck my memory card was full before I could get his jibber jabber stuff.

So for all the grandparents who are far away and for our cute Daddy who is still in Sacramento, here is a moment of our smilie boy, and a little bit of jibber jabber below.

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