Saturday, June 28, 2008

Keeping Cool
Yeah! It is hot here in Vegas, so we are always looking for creative things to keep cool. One thing about Las Vegas is the Leisure Services around the City. The resources for Parks and Recreation are limitless. We have several pools close by to keep cool in. Today we went to our favorite pool park, it is perfect with a beach entrance, slides and not much of a crowd! Did I mention it is FREE?! Who could ask for a better reason to play in the water and have fun?! London loves it as the kid area goes to 2 1/2 feet and she can play, splash and pretend like shes swimming without the threat of deep water. Kingston was just chill! I carried him in my Baby Bjorn, and he slept the whole time!

Little Miss Bay Watch.......


Nick, Rebecca & Owen said...

You are going to have to give me addresses for these fun & free pool/water parks! That is a must to survive through a Vegas summer, I'm sure.

PandA said...

this picture is so cute!! she sure does look like a baywatch babe