Sunday, December 07, 2008

We celebrated London's 3rd birthday yesterday with Family and Friends.
It was perfect, we took advantage of the Lied Discovery Children's Museum just down the street from us to help make this special occasion fun & active.
Plus! a huge (+) they set the party up and clean up! Supply a cake and goody bags. Whew, anything to make things easier.

Of course we had to have a little something to munch on to keep the party interesting and add to the social event. Uncle Todd really enjoyed his Turkey dogs, etc!! ;)

Kings was a little tuckered out from the busy morning prepping for the shindig.
Plus Kings is teething, he is working on his second bottom tooth. Whahoo

The one & only... the Birthday Girl

Uncle Todd hanging out with the weeee ones. He was the tattooist. In the little party bags they supplied, fake tattoos were favored. Uncle Todd placed them on half of the kiddos, they loved him!

Thank goodness for homemade goodies, the Birthday cake was not grown up approved! I left the rest, not even worth bringing home!

London & the other kids didn't seem to mind a plate full of sweetness.

Opening gifts was a circus!
It was my first time really having several children (12) come to party and wow, they love to get into the action.
They practically mobbed Londs with gift after gift.
She also had alot of help opening the gifts!
I had to clear them away several times just to get few pictures and to give London some elbow room. It was fun to see all the children get so excited over gifts that were for someone else. Cute!

All in all ,we had a great time and we are still recovering from the exhausting fun today!

Gotta love Celebrations!

Thanks everyone who came to celebrate with Little Miss London and thanks for the GREAT gifts, she is in birthday land for days to come!


Mom & Dad Lueck said...

wow. that looked like fun. Gramma is sure sad she missed it. But I will see all of my grandchildren soon. I cant wait. love you.

Janelle said...

I LOVE your advent ... did you make it? I finally got the Willow Tree Nativity. AND, we got the Fisher Price Little People one for Tori - a must for little ones. I think you can order them on or even Worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

I forget London and I have birthday a day apart! Happy Birthday!

Elliot said...

Happy 3rd birthday London! Robbie and Marsha, you guys have such cute kids! They are sure lucky to have such good parents.

We love you guys!

PS. How many hot dogs did Todd eat? :D

jacker said...

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