Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Bit of This & That......
Snow, snow, snow....
Yes! Snow in Vegas!
I am sure this is all old news to you all since it happened last Wed.
My mom said we were all over the news, crazy!
This was the biggest snow fall here in Vegas since 1979! Wowsers!
We do tend to get a bit of a snow around the outskirts of the city, but never downtown, or this much!
Needless to say we Loved it!
London was so excited!

Mom was pretty excited!

Kingston was sleeping through it!

YW/YM was canceled & School the next day!

This was the beginning of the snow fall. I thought this would be all we would see. So I took a picture of it sticking on our antlers and red nose, since it wasn't sticking on the ground.

Playing In Photoshop:
I have finally made the move to photoshop! I first started in Picasa (google), then into Adobe Lightroom and now I have to say I am having a blast with Photoshop... oh my goodness if I would have known what greatness you can do with this program. I am teaching myself all of this photography stuff (with a little wee help from a mentor). I feel that I am starting to see a little progress! Hopefully I can get into some classes at the first of the year... anyhow here are a few moments of our last week in a half.

Mr Kingston
I was trying to get a good shot of his bottom tooth.

Not only has this little man been teething, his whole mouth is shooting out all sorts of teeth! I took these 5 days ago... he has since broke through two more teeth and we still have 2 working their way through. Kings is such an easy going little man.... not so much these last few weeks. Do I even complain?! Poor Baby Boy!

The Cousins:
We spent a few hours with Davids kids at the park the other day! It was Kingston's first Big boy swing ride!

This picture does not show his excitement, but he loved it! Remember he has been teething, give the boy a smiling break!


This was London's 4th time taking her picture with the same Santa at the same place.

This was Kingston's 1st.

London has never been scared of Santa! She was so excited to take him her list:

A new baby doll w/ blonde hair & a cradle

A Pink batman mask w/a cape & sword

A pink dinosaur

A princess blow dryer w/make up( what?)

A princess controller (a little game)

A Christmas Bell

She is a funny one! I just hope I can find a PINK batman mask. She truly belongs to Robbie!

Gotta take these Santa pictures for the memories!


keli b said...

cute Santa pictures. I feel your pain with teething. Tae has 6 teeth in now and is working on 2 more. Whats a mom to so:)

Stephen said...

What a great entry, Marsha. Wonderful photos. Isn't Photoshop a blast? You all just look FINE.

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

what fun pictures, I bet London loves the car with the nose and ants. How fun
the pics look great. I sure enjoy all the work you do for us, see you soon.

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