Friday, April 16, 2010

Ragnar Las Vegas

Six months ago people.... six months ago
and finally
I put our Ragnar video together!
I have to appologize for those that were in the first van....
I don't have much coverage of them.
I tried digging up everything I could (sad face)

Well... Enjoy!

Plus an added little perk... it's a modivator,

for next weekend!

A group of us are heading off to L.A to run Ragnar again!


FYI- make sure before you start the video

go to the bottom of the blog and stop the music!!!


keli b said...

nice work good luck next week!!

Elliot said...

2 words describe my feelings watching this video.

Purely Delightful!

It's fun just to watch how much fun you all must be having. And I love watching Todd with the Divas!