Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Drives

car ride-1

Sunday drives are the BEST! Last Sunday our drive took us to the Hoover Dam. We were curious to how the progress of the bridge construction crossing over to Arizona was coming along..... the rumor has it, they are planning on opening it up in November.
London & Kingston LOVED it, they as usual were very curious... and wanted to know what was below. Many times they were picked up to look over the edge... I'm not afraid of heights, but for some reason the DAm always makes me a little uneasy. All went well

Dad and our Pirate!

Kingston is crazed about pirates, this is his everyday look. He has several swords he chooses from day to day... I'll ask him why he has a cut or bruise, his answer: " It was the Pirates mommy", "The pirates did it" or better yet, "London did it".

Without a doubt, he will be our pirate boy for halloween!

I saw-1 Lake Mead is the low, low, low!!!!
Our posers......
I Heart my yellow bigg'ems
Sunglass Mania
Tell our next SUNDAY adventure... (if I ever take the time to post it)


Anonymous said...

I loved the pictues. what a camera you have the pictues are so clear. and I love the shots you take you are so talented. everyone looks so good. I am counting down the days till we see you.
love you all

Janelle said...

So cute to see pics of your kiddos. They have both grown up SO MUCH! You're such a rockin mama. Miss you tons, cutie pie.
xoxox, Janelle

Elliot said...

Love the pictures! I think the one with Pirate Kingston sitting on Daddy's shoulders is one of my all time favorites of Robbie!

Love the middle picture of you Marsha with the big glasses and the puckered lips.

Love the picture of the bridge with the moon high in the sky behind it in the middle of the afternoon.

Thanks for sharing. Love you all and miss you!

Anonymous said...

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Sassy Christian Momma said...

so much fun. Your kids are adorable! Doing ragnar this year? Amanda lives by me now:)

Anonymous said...

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