Friday, March 11, 2011

The New Do.....

Sooo here's the thing, we have our little guy excited to get a hair cut!
We have a mailer, for Great Cuts a whooping deal of $2.99, he's excited and wants Spike hair
like dad's... we go, get the cut and ohhh how handsome he looks.
The next morning he wants the spikes to be gone and wants his old hair back!
This makes me sad, because I loved his hair too...."Justin Beberish". Oh well, we will stick with his
new hair til it grows out again, but what a difference.....
a cut can really change someones look!


Kingston had many faces,

one, he was making some on purpose in the mirror to himself and second, some of awkward

interest. This was his first hair cut in the salon.

My little stud and his Thomas the Train watch.. he is obsessed!
Don't mind his attire... he found a pair of my maternity compressed stockings and decided to run
around in them. Ohhh what a bliss of fun!
I guess I didn't mention we moved, did I?!!!!
That is another post, along with all of last fall I need to catch up on!
We bought our first home, here in Vegas..........
and we love it!


Stephen said...

These are all GREAT shots. I especially love the "Sweeties". Congrats on moving into yer home.

keli b said...

Love Kingstons face in his "after" pic. too cute. Congrats again on the new home, can't wait to see it and that belly of yours, miss you guys

Janelle said...

Would love to see pics of the new house. Sounds like you have been one busy mama. Hope you're doing well. Love ya heaps!