Thursday, April 21, 2011


It is not official, as the birthday boy's birthday is next Monday 4/25... (but close enough)

This past weekend we celebrated Kingston's third birthday to avoid a congested Easter weekend.


I thought that this Pirate phase would have ended by now, but it continues to go on and on...

I don't mind it!

Actually I lOVE what his little mind creates with his pirate stories.

Love this little man!


We had a small group of boys gather together for a bit of Pirate sword making (robbie's creativness, made out of pvc pipe, spray paint and stickers) A game of pin the patch on the Pirate and an instant find of the treasure chest full of goodie bags. (I couldn't bring myself to finish the real treasure hunt planned)


We had a beautiful day

for a BBQ of Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Brats, fruit, pasta salad and CHIPS. (of course)


The Cake was a hit for the Birthday boy!

An edible Pirate ship cake?!

What a lucky boy!


Kingston is always seen with a sword, or two.

It was a great day, much love from family and friends who came to celebrate our little boy's third Birthday!

It is crazy to think how fast these three years have gone.

I remember expecting this little boy and feeling the ultimate excitement of having a little boy. I would have never expected that he would want to dress up in hero capes and pirate outfits, carry a gun or sword all day long.

I expected cars, army men and legos (which he loves these too)His mind is a world of creative wonders ready to burst!

Kingston loves to color/draw, he Lovves to dig (his birthday present, a sand box) Loves rocks and sticks and could play outside all day! He loves to say prayers, give kisses, hugs and cuddles.

He never wants to grow BIG, if someone says "oh you are such a big boy".. he scowls and starts whinning that "he never wants to grow up", "i'm not a big boy, I am little"!

Don't mess with the big/little stuff.

When he wakes up Robbie and I always look at each other and wonder if he will be grumpy or happy.

Lately he is grumpy alll the time with moments of sweetness.

We love him no matter what, even if he scowls and is a grumpy bum!

I could go on and on about our little boy, but I will save you all from the gushiness of mom.

We are so grateful for Kingston in our family and feel so blessed to be his parents!

Happy Birthday lit'l pirate boy! xoxoxox


Janelle said...

I can't believe these kiddos are growing up so fast! He's 3?!?!? That means my Lizzy will be 3 this fall.
Adorable birthday party! You are so creative!

Mom & Dad Lueck said...

what a party! I love the cake.. you made it? Kingston will have so many happy memories and realize how creative and wonderful you are. your such a good mom. I have happy grandkids and a happy son.
love you,Nancy

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