Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hanging with the brothers......

Saturday morning we headed to Red Rock, which is the ultimate playground for mountain biking, roady bikers & rock climbers. My brother in laws (Todd & David) invited me on a ride. Robbie was jealous as he had a job to get working on! We missed you Babe! It was AWESOME! I think I might seriuosly be addicted!

It was about a 7-8 mile course or so.??? It took us roughly about an hour & a half. It was a great cross country course with everything you could think of; Several up hill climbs, a boulder here & there, sand, large rocks & the best.... down hills!It was definitely challenging, but incredible! My brother in laws are champs! Thanks for letting me ride with you!

Upper: Here we are getting ready to hit the trail.
Bottom: Dusty & dirty smiling our cheesy smiles through all the dirt in our teeth! Yeah!!!!!

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